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Somerset Steel Erection Company
P.O. Box 98
Boswell, PA 15531

Toll Free (800) 229-5205
Phone: (814) 629-5621
Fax: (814) 629-6588

C. Daniel Riggs
(814) 629-2102
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Harold E. Walker
Vice President
(814) 629-2101
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Clyde B. Long
Director of Business Development
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Daniel J. Riggs
General Manager/Mid Atlantic Division, VA Office
(757) 258-8902 Office
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Jim Cunningham
General Mgr/Southern Division, MD Office
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Don Walker
Sr. Project Manager
(814) 629-2110
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Steve Evans
Mechanical Division
(814) 629-2196
Email sre@Lceci.com

SW&S Partner Companies

Somerset Steel Erection (SSE), a full-service construction and steel erector company, recently completed a limestone unloading system at a power generation plant in Western Pennsylvania. The company did all facets of the detailing, engineering and 3D modeling, fabricating and erecting of all the steel, conveyors, and buildings. The project duration was 10 months with 30,490 man hours recorded; ironworkers from Local 3 of Pittsburgh assisted in the construction.

Project Scope:
Upon completion, the power generating plant will have the ability to transfer limestone from railcars to limestone storage silos by means of a shuttle conveyor system. Building and components included:

  • Car unloading system
  • Transfer house
  • Take-up tower
  • Head house
  • Dust collection system
  • Two feeders
  • Conveyor tube galleries
  • Railcar steel supports, miscellaneous steel, and components

SSE earned a Zero Injury Safety Award® (ZISA®) for 2014 by the National Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee (NMAPC) on this project.