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Somerset Steel Erection Company
P.O. Box 98
Boswell, PA 15531

Toll Free (800) 229-5205
Phone: (814) 629-5621
Fax: (814) 629-6588

C. Daniel Riggs
(814) 629-2102
Email cdr@Lceci.com

Harold E. Walker
Vice President
(814) 629-2101
Email hew@Lceci.com

Daniel J. Riggs
General Manager/Mid Atlantic Division, VA Office
(757) 258-8902 Office
(757) 258-8904 Direct
(757) 634-9691 Cell
(757) 258-8905 Fax
Email djr@Lceci.com

Jim Cunningham
General Mgr/Southern Division, MD Office
(301) 722-3980
Email jkc@Lceci.com

Don Walker
Sr. Project Manager
(814) 629-2110
Email dew@Lceci.com

Chris Pucci
Manager/Mechanical Division
(814) 629-2111
Email cpp@Lceci.com

SW&S Partner Companies

Somerset Steel Erection is currently constructing this raw water treatment plant. When this plant is operational, it will be used to take water from the Monongahela River, treat it and transport it to the Longview Power Plant who in turn will use the treated water to make electricity.

• Lay all foundations/concrete
• Fabricate and install PVC pipe
• Large bore piping installation
• Form and install rebar Actiflow tank walls